5 Most Addictive Games on Android

Mobile gaming has taken over the world right now, It doesn’t matter wether it is wifi free games or without wifi! Gaming is considered as an important factor while choosing a smartphone. And Android is the best platform for gamers as tons of games with console quality graphics, and intriguing gameplay is available on it for free. We all like games, now we may not like the same type, but we all do like them. Games help us escape our boring and monotonous lives for a while. Addicting games keep you hooked and make you want to master them. You can play them for hours and not feel an overwhelming sense of boredom. Although there are plenty of game apps on the play store, not all of them are addicting. Also, it’s a common myth that only arcade games can be addictive. I repeat, ‘myth’!

I have prepared a list of 5 most addicting games on Android for you. Let me tell you that, the list does not include games like Clash of Clans, Subway Surfers, Clash Royale, etc. I mean, these games are great but almost every list includes them, and I would like to present some of the lesser known games. So let’s start –

1. Ninja Fishing

The name of this games sounds quite familiar, doesn’t it? Not just the name but the concept of this game is very similar to that of Fruit Ninja. Apparently, this game is based on the same concept but is way more addictive. The main character of this game is a Ninja named Otoro who surprisingly has mind boggling fishing skills despite being a fighter!

You have to try to catch as many fishes as possible and slice them up while they are still in the air to gain maximum points. To catch the fishes, you will have to cast the hook as deep as you can under the water and then use the controls to bring the fish out of the water.If you’re interested in fishes, then this is the perfect game for you as you can catch over 130 different species in the competition! Although the game has a smooth gameplay, it is super-addicting and tough to master, but that’s what addicting games are all about. With the gold earned in the game, you can unlock fishing guides, boats, and other tools. You can also go for fishing to more than six islands. Get an opportunity to build your buildings in a Ninja village. Not just that, you can even hunt for some actual dragons!

2. QuizUp

This trivia game is my personal favorite. It doesn’t matter if you get a question wrong or right, you’ll always get to learn something new. QuizUp covers a vast variety of fields, such as Business, Geography, Art & Design, Games, Literature, History, Science, to name a few. You can either invite your friends, challenge them to take the quiz or let QuizUp randomly pick up an opponent for you. Every field/topic has a community, and you can actively participate in the community and share your thoughts with people who have same interests with you.

The game also gives you a sense of achievement through its ranking system. After a certain number of wins in a particular field, you get awarded with a new title. You also get an opportunity to set new records every day, check your knowledge and show your talent to the world.

3. Traffic Rider

The developers of Traffic Racer have developed this game. It retains all the useful features of Traffic Racer and adds some more of its own. It is a next generation arcade racing game. You get to play the game with a first person’s view making you feel like you are riding a motorbike in real. For a more detailed experience, you have real motor sounds recorded from the original bikes. Ride on never-ending bustled highways and overtake the traffic to continue your journey and complete the missions in career mode. The best thing is you’ll never run out of fuel and time, allowing you to accomplish your goals while enjoying yourself. Taking more risks, like overtaking cars closely will fetch you more points.

The game supports 19 International languages, features more than 70 missions, more than 30 achievements on the online leaderboard, detailed graphics and more than 26 different types of bikes for you to upgrade.

4. Fidget Spinner

We are all aware of the new Fidget Spinner fad. Almost everyone has one, and it’s super addicting, but it can be at times difficult to carry in your pocket, and you also don’t want to be seen playing with it at inappropriate places. Out of all fidget spinner apps on PlayStore, the one developed by KetchApp is what I highly recommend since it has a lot more to offer.

You are provided five swipes to show your best spin. Just use any of your fingers and swipe it to left or right and wait until it stops. Every good spin will fetch you some rewards and bring you closer to unlocking a new type of fidget spinner. You can be able to invite your friends and compete with them. The game features different types of challenges including the lava challenge, bounce challenge, and spikes challenge.

5. Bottle Shoot

This game is as creative as you can get. Throw stones at bottles to break them and unlock new levels. The game features outstanding graphics which will make you feel like you’re standing in a bar looking at real bottles. The sound of breaking bottles is as real as it can get. Are you Thinking, that the game is easy to master? Nope! You have to break as many bottles as you can within a fixed amount of time. Also, every new level is way harder than the previous one and takes more time to clear. Obstacles like bombs and shells are there to stop you from achieving your target. Sounds complicated enough? Don’t worry; there’s a bonus level where you can hunt the bottles without any such obstacles. There’s also a global leaderboard for you to compete with the world.



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